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ElectorateCandidatePartyVotesLast UpdateStatus
BOUGAINVILLE PROVINCIALJOE LERAUnited Resources Party26199/4740731 Jul 2012 14:58Declared
     CENTRAL BOUGAINVILLE OPENJIMMY MIRINGTOROPeople’s National Congress Party4205/816618 Jul 2012 11:20Declared
     NORTH BOUGAINVILLE OPENLOUTA ATOIPeople’s National Congress Party11416/1920021 Jul 2012 11:58Declared
     SOUTH BOUGAINVILLE OPENSTEVEN PIRIKA KAMMAUnited Resources Party10262/1939118 Jul 2012 11:28Declared
CENTRAL PROVINCIALKILA HAODAIndependent47653/7608726 Jul 2012 00:00Declared
     ABAU OPENPUKA TEMUOur Development Party12307/2406324 Jul 2012 12:53Declared
     GOILALA OPENDANIEL K MONAPNG Party3062/569618 Jul 2012 00:00Declared
     KAIRUKU-HIRI OPENPARU AIHIPeople’s National Congress Party12887/2461225 Jul 2012 19:26Declared
     RIGO OPENANO PALAPeople’s National Congress Party8153/1395821 Jul 2012 12:54Declared
CHIMBU PROVINCIALNOAH KOOLIndependent77784/1349023 Aug 2012 00:00Declared
     CHUAVE OPENWERA MORITriumph Heritage Empowerment Party9130/1587229 Jul 2012 18:31Declared
     GUMINE OPENDAWA LUKAS DEKENAPNG Party13288/2604028 Jul 2012 16:27Declared
     KARIMUI-NOMANE OPENMOGEREMA SIGO WEIPeople's Party7792/1550730 Jul 2012 21:22Declared
     KEROWAGI OPENCAMILLUS DANGMA BONGOROIndependent8809/1727529 Jul 2012 19:11Declared
     KUNDIAWA OPENTOBIAS KULANGPNG Constitutional Democratic Party22505/4110830 Jul 2012 16:48Declared
     SINASINA-YONGOMUGL OPENKERENGA KUANational Alliance Party10862/2053930 Jul 2012 16:25Declared
EAST NEW BRITAIN PROVINCIALLEO J DIONTriumph Heritage Empowerment Party35195/6008225 Jul 2012 17:51Declared
     GAZELLE OPENMALAKAI TABARMelanesian Liberal Party9791/1946922 Jul 2012 21:26Declared
     KOKOPO OPENEREMAN TOBAINING JNRPeople’s National Congress Party6168/1069625 Jul 2012 01:05Declared
     POMIO OPENPAUL TIENSTENPeople's United Assembly Party6945/1263615 Jul 2012 16:30Declared
     RABAUL OPENALLAN S. M. MARATMelanesian Liberal Party5725/1115716 Jul 2012 10:53Declared
EAST SEPIK PROVINCIALMICHAEL SOMARENational Alliance Party93815/18588121 Jul 2012 09:58Declared
     AMBUNTI-DREIKIKIR OPENEZEKIEL SIGII ANISIPeople’s Progress Party8141/1477517 Jul 2012 12:41Declared
     ANGORAM OPENLUDWIG PATRICK SCHULZEPANGU Pati11800/2242418 Jul 2012 15:50Declared
     MAPRIK OPENJOHN SIMONNational Alliance Party13637/2436715 Jul 2012 22:40Declared
     WEWAK OPENJIM B SIMATABNational Alliance Party9261/1477419 Jul 2012 15:54Declared
     WOSERA-GAUI OPENJOSEPH JERRY YOPYYOPYSocial Democratic Party9264/1444919 Jul 2012 14:08Declared
     YANGORU-SAUSSIA OPENRICHARD MARUIndependent13121/2336218 Jul 2012 17:00Declared
EASTERN HIGHLANDS PROVINCIALJulie SosoTriumph Heritage Empowerment Party119606/2310826 Aug 2012 15:06Declared
     DAULO OPENRon G GanarafoIndependent6385/1211430 Jul 2012 17:30Declared
     GOROKA OPENBire KimisopaIndependent11825/2358430 Jul 2012 00:00Declared
     HENGANOFI OPENRobert AtiyafaIndependent9799/1847830 Jul 2012 00:00Declared
     KAINANTU OPENJohnson TukeIndependent9553/1675130 Jul 2012 14:09Declared
     LUFA OPENJeffrey KuavePNG Country Party8795/1525228 Jul 2012 17:45Declared
     OBURA-WONENARA OPENMehrra Minne KipefaStars Alliance Party19113/3478430 Jul 2012 13:27Declared
     OKAPA OPENIsaac WaigavaraPeople’s National Congress Party9731/1881730 Jul 2012 21:17Declared
     UNGGAI-BENA OPENBenny Tipoti AllanPeople’s National Congress Party15139/2952627 Jul 2012 15:03Declared
ENGA PROVINCIALPETER IPATASPeople's Party140512/2794132 Aug 2012 17:50Declared
     KANDEP OPENDON POMB POLYETriumph Heritage Empowerment Party23952/4771313 Jul 2012 11:41Declared
     KOMPIAM-AMBUM OPENJOHN THOMAS PUNDARIPeople's Party19638/3709118 Jul 2012 14:27Declared
     LAGAIP-PORGERA OPENNIXON KOEKA MANGAPEIndependent35804/6645228 Jul 2012 00:00Declared
     WABAG OPENROBERT SANDAN GANIMPeople's Party19811/3684123 Jul 2012 16:57Declared
     WAPENAMANDA OPENRIMBINK PATOUnited Party20389/3562923 Jul 2012 15:28Declared
GULF PROVINCIALHAVILA KAVOPeople’s National Congress Party8195/5698110 Aug 2012 10:41Progressive
     KEREMA OPENRICHARD MENDANIPNG Country Party7091/3534424 Jul 2012 00:00Progressive
     KIKORI OPENMARK IVI MAIPAKAITriumph Heritage Empowerment Party4754/916525 Jul 2012 00:00Declared
HELA PROVINCIALANDERSON PAWA AGIRUPeople's United Assembly Party59989/11039419 Jul 2012 12:56Declared
     KOMO-MAGARIMA OPENFRANCIS MULUNGU POTAPEPNG Party16236/3058618 Jul 2012 13:54Declared
     KOROBA-LAKE KOPIAGO OPENPHILIP UNDIALU NOGONI HENE NAITriumph Heritage Empowerment Party22358/3669117 Jul 2012 10:26Declared
     TARI OPENJAMES MARAPEPeople’s National Congress Party18271/3064016 Jul 2012 13:00Declared
JIWAKA PROVINCIALWILLIAM TONGAMPNew Generation Party35320/638723 Sep 2012 12:02Declared
     ANGALIMP-SOUTH WAGHI OPENKOMUN JOE KOIMIndependent22953/4284831 Jul 2012 22:33Declared
     JIMI OPENMAI DOPUnited Resources Party12797/2490630 Jul 2012 13:28Declared
     NORTH WAGHI OPENDOKTA FABIAN POKUnited Resources Party14559/2900530 Jul 2012 15:38Declared
MADANG PROVINCIALJIM KASPNG Party62742/11568710 Aug 2012 12:47Declared
     BOGIA OPENJOHN TONGRI HICKEYNational Alliance Party8212/1380530 Jul 2012 00:00Declared
     MADANG OPENNIXON PHILIP DUBANPeople’s National Congress Party8483/1642224 Jul 2012 13:12Declared
     MIDDLE RAMU OPENASSIK TOMMY TOMSCOLLPeople’s Democratic Movement Party11925/1912917 Jul 2012 00:00Declared
     RAI COAST OPENJAMES GAU GELAKTriumph Heritage Empowerment Party10586/1864725 Jul 2012 12:05Declared
     SUMKAR OPENKEN FAIRWEATHERPeople’s National Congress Party9624/1662821 Jul 2012 15:16Declared
     USINO-BUNDI OPENANTON YAGAMAUnited Resources Party8301/144613 Aug 2012 13:27Declared
MANUS PROVINCIALCHARLIE BENJAMINPeople’s National Congress Party8155/1556710 Jul 2012 10:54Declared
     MANUS OPENRONNY KNIGHTNew Generation Party7308/1435910 Jul 2012 12:55Declared
MILNE BAY PROVINCIALTITUS PHILEMONPeople’s Progress Party42749/8435521 Jul 2012 14:10Declared
     ALOTAU OPENCHARLES ABELPeople’s National Congress Party15071/2974518 Jul 2012 17:01Declared
     ESA'ALA OPENDAVIS STEVENPeople's Party7039/1189321 Jul 2012 13:18Declared
     KIRIWINA-GOODENOUGH OPENDOUGLAS TOMURIESATriumph Heritage Empowerment Party7329/1401017 Jul 2012 20:49Declared
     SAMARAI-MURUA OPENGORDON WESLEYPeople’s National Congress Party10155/1786125 Jul 2012 08:16Declared
MOROBE PROVINCIALKASIGA KELLY NARUIndependent100389/18435627 Jul 2012 13:04Declared
     BULOLO OPENSAM BASILPNG Party21785/3771419 Jul 2012 07:17Declared
     FINSCHHAFEN OPENTHEO ZURENUOCPeople’s Progress Party9738/1851119 Jul 2012 17:45Declared
     HUON GULF OPENROSS SEYMOURPNG Party7730/3069320 Jul 2012 15:43Progressive
     KABWUM OPENBOB DADAEPeople’s National Congress Party8088/1426718 Jul 2012 00:00Declared
     LAE OPENLOUJAYA TONIIndigenous People's Party7364/1320622 Jul 2012 15:17Declared
     MARKHAM OPENPAUL ISIKIELPeople’s National Congress Party11373/1852715 Jul 2012 18:56Declared
     MENYAMYA OPENBENJAMIN PHILLIPUnited Resources Party8621/1580220 Jul 2012 13:58Declared
     NAWAE OPENGISUWAT MANGERE SINIWIMPeople’s National Congress Party6046/116591 Aug 2012 15:31Declared
     TEWAE-SIASSI OPENMAO ZEMINGPeople’s National Congress Party5959/101351 Aug 2012 08:01Declared
NATIONAL CAPITAL DISTRICT PROVINCIALPowes ParkopSocial Democratic Party43897/798378 Aug 2012 00:00Declared
     MORESBY NORTH-EAST OPENLabi AmaiuPeople's Movement for Change Party8673/1731531 Jul 2012 18:26Declared
     MORESBY NORTH-WEST OPENMichael Bill MalabagPeople’s National Congress Party9351/1868524 Jul 2012 14:55Declared
     MORESBY SOUTH OPENJustin TkatchenkoSocial Democratic Party13143/2444923 Jul 2012 23:03Declared
NEW IRELAND PROVINCIALJULIUS CHANPeople’s Progress Party24311/4681616 Jul 2012 20:18Declared
     KAVIENG OPENBEN MICAHPeople’s Progress Party8494/1473116 Jul 2012 17:20Declared
     NAMATANAI OPENJ. BYRON CHANPeople’s Progress Party12001/2278614 Jul 2012 22:58Declared
NORTHERN PROVINCIALGarry JuffaPeople's Movement for Change Party13110/2411228 Jul 2012 16:30Declared
     IJIVITARI OPENDavid Nui AroreTriumph Heritage Empowerment Party8933/1753720 Jul 2012 14:32Declared
     SOHE OPENDELLILAH PUEKA GORETriumph Heritage Empowerment Party6105/1021721 Jul 2012 12:39Declared
SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS PROVINCIALWILLIAM TITPE POWIPeople’s National Congress Party139308/23964527 Jul 2012 12:29Progressive
     IALIBU-PANGIA OPENPETER O'NEILLPeople’s National Congress Party44917/598997 Jul 2012 16:33Declared
     IMBONGGU OPENFRANCIS KONGU AWESAPeople’s National Congress Party25919/4967023 Jul 2012 15:04Declared
     KAGUA-ERAVE OPENAIYA JAMES YAPA LAGEAIndependent19043/3397218 Jul 2012 14:57Declared
     MENDI OPENDE KEWANUIndependent25945/5133423 Jul 2012 09:41Declared
     NIPA-KUTUBU OPENPESAB JEFFREY KOMALPeople’s National Congress Party32522/5781825 Jul 2012 17:00Declared
WEST NEW BRITAIN PROVINCIALSASINDRAN MUTHUVELCoalition for Reform Party24853/4725622 Jul 2012 16:55Declared
     KANDRIAN-GLOUCESTER OPENJoseph LelangCoalition for Reform Party9666/1650419 Jul 2012 15:48Declared
     TALASEA OPENFRANCIS MARUSPNG Party17408/3116722 Jul 2012 15:34Declared
WEST SEPIK PROVINCIALAkmat MaiTriumph Heritage Empowerment Party27784/5075928 Jul 2012 20:50Declared
     AITAPE LUMI OPENPatrick PruaitchNational Alliance Party11225/1693420 Jul 2012 00:00Declared
     NUKU OPENJoe SungiNational Alliance Party9056/1776916 Jul 2012 16:24Declared
     TELEFOMIN OPENSOLAN MIRISIMIndependent7644/1450220 Jul 2012 23:09Declared
     VANIMO-GREEN RIVER OPENBelden Norman NamahPNG Party7390/1220522 Jul 2012 09:56Declared
WESTERN PROVINCIALATI WOBIROPeople's United Assembly Party19504/3618526 Jul 2012 11:43Declared
     MIDDLE FLY OPENROY BIYAMAPeople’s National Congress Party7917/1354030 Jul 2012 16:47Declared
     NORTH FLY OPENBOKA KONDRAPeople’s National Congress Party8530/1678826 Jul 2012 14:57Declared
     SOUTH FLY OPENAIDE GANASIPeople’s National Congress Party3489/694723 Jul 2012 17:16Declared
WESTERN HIGHLANDS PROVINCIALPAIAS WINGTIPeople’s Democratic Movement Party112640/2018352 Aug 2012 17:19Declared
     BAIYER-MUL OPENKOI TRAPEPeople’s National Congress Party21959/3966228 Jul 2012 18:20Declared
     DEI OPENWESTLY N NUKUNDJPeople's Party18278/3629228 Jul 2012 19:21Declared
     HAGEN OPENWILLIAM DUMAUnited Resources Party34585/6407320 Jul 2012 11:38Declared
     TAMBUL-NEBILYER OPENBENJAMIN POPONAWATriumph Heritage Empowerment Party33889/6151428 Jul 2012 17:30Declared